Rainbow Rhythmics - School Outreach

Contact the office for more information about Rainbow Rhythmics and the programming that is available for daycares, playschools, camps and Division One Elementary School classes. Please contact the RGA office to book a time for your school. Bookings will be taken for the 2011-12 school year.

Costs for the 4 school visits for one Kindergarten or Grade 1/2 class will start at $300 and increase depending on the number of classes that will be rotated through the gym during the teaching days. One school set of materials will be made available with the initial $300 fee, and additional sets can be purchased for $75.00.

More online resources related to the Rainbow Rhythmic Gymnastics school programming will be posted here over in the very near future.

Executive Director Diane Gunn and Coach Connie Bramer presenting the Rainbow Rhythmics program at the CS4L Forum in Ottawa - 2012