Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta believes in progress and the value of investing into the future generation. RGA strives to help the sport of rhythmic gymnastics grow in Alberta. The use of resources is one way to educate coaches, teachers, judges, and gymnasts about this beautiful sport.

RGA and its members, as partners, have invested time and money into making some excellent products like the Prism program and the "Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics" book. The RGA office also has a resource library - call or e-mail us!

Another way to ensure continued growth of the sport is through feedback from all participants of the sport: athletes, coaches, judges, spectators and event hosts. Along with some administrative forms, there are report templates available by clicking on forms to the left. Judging resources are under the "Competitive" heading on this website.

Following are a collection of resources that you may find informative:

If you have any questions about programs and clubs near you , please contact our office at , or call 427-8152 in Edmonton, or 1-800-881-2504 from anywhere in Alberta.