PRISM Recreational Skill Development Program

The PRISM program was developed by a group of Alberta Coaches. The program was designed so that recreational gymnast can be recognized for their accomplishments and to set personal goals for skill development.

The program is divided into 7 different color coded levels: Rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Each color level has from 23 - 44 skills. Gymnasts progress through the levels and earn a colored pin when they have completed 90% of the skills in that level. As the pins are earned, they can be kept on a pin keeper ribbon.

The program is also designed to assist recreational coaches in planning their classes. The skills are presented sequentially and cover fundaments of Rhythmics. Gymnasts progressing through the program develop their basic rhythmic skills in proper progression.

Skills are divided into the following categories:

Body Technique: Locomotion, Arms/Acrobatics, Balances, Jumps and Leaps Pivots and Flexion.

Apparatus Technique: Ball, Rope, Ribbon, Hoop and Scarves.

(Small scarves for Rainbow to Yellow, and large scarves for Green to Violet)

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